Vorbereitungsseminar mit Sabine Kühlich

Vorbereitungsseminar mit Sabine Kühlich

The individual Coaching for Jazzsingers

– also if you want to do an Entrance Exam will take place in the Music-school MUFAB in Aachen. The Focus is on the practical part: in this day you can try out and find your strong points in presenting your Songs. Bring 2-4 songs you want to sing! We will make your voice stronger, your emotions hearable, explore the musical freedom the songs provide. I will help you in choosing the right songs for you, interpretation, telling the story, improvisation, to find the right elements of Style. Swing, Latin, Ballads & Blues, Popsongs and own compositions will be part of our journey through important styles. Voice Coaching, Warm-ups, how to build-up your performance – all that will be part of our work.

price: 100 Euro

For more questions and singing in: please contact: sabinekuehlich@gmail.com!

Sabine Kühlich is Main Subject Teacher for Jazz Singing at the Conservatory in Maastricht. She gives special Theory Courses like “Vocal Skills” and “Didactics” for the “Teaching Minor”. Sabine Kühlich is part of the Commission for Entrance Exam in Maastricht at the Conservatory.

Find out about upcoming concerts and records here: www.sabinekuehlich.com


Sonntag 17.03.2019
11:00 - 19:00 Uhr